Why Choose Us

Advice for expats by expats

Our advisors have significant international experience and have all been expats at some point in their
lives. Importantly, we have personally experienced and are working through the same problems as our
clients – being American and living abroad. We are based both in Europe and the US, and as a result, are
available across multiple time zones.

Why Choose us?

Each of our founders and advisors have been expats at some point in their career (some still are!). We
understand how complicated your finances seem as an American abroad. This is particularly true in the
highly developed and complex tax systems in European countries.

Until the last few years, there were very few firms willing or able to offer financial advice to Americans
in Europe. This made it not only difficult to find a suitable advisor, but also, very hard to obtain
information about how you should plan for your financial future abroad. Life as an expat is hard enough,
it doesn’t need to be complicated by onerous financial rules and obligations.

While other nationalities only have to deal with the complexities of the tax rules where they live,
Americans always have to balance the US rules against local tax laws. This is where we come in – hoping
to bridge the knowledge gap for Americans in Europe by always providing free initial consultations and
acting as a resource for the American community abroad.

Alex Ingrim

Originally from Alaska, and growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Alex has lived abroad, in various countries, for over 15 years. He has significant experience with the complications of living abroad as an American and has lived and worked in France, Canada, the UK, Italy, and Malta. As a result, Alex has a nuanced understanding of how the US financial system interacts with others, including the British, French, and Italian systems.  

Alex started his career in London, and previously specialized in investment analysis for large, international wealth management organizations. He focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients and guiding them through the intricacies of cross border financial planning. Alex is based in Florence, Italy, where he resides with his wife and two sons.  

Scott Evans

Scott was born in Germany, grew up in Colorado, and has lived and worked in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Japan. Scott was living in Asia when FATCA was passed, and he soon realized the dramatic financial planning and investment implications of the new law for Americans living abroad. After returning to the U.S. in 2015 and working as the Director of Investments for a large wealth management firm, Scott began working with the firm’s American clients who were living overseas. Over the last 7 years, he has developed a deep understanding and expertise in cross-border financial planning for Americans living or moving overseas.

Scott began his career in the investment management industry in 1997 and has achieved the most globally respected designations in investment management, the CFA charter, and in financial planning, the CFP® certification.  Scott’s approach focuses on comprehensive financial planning, optimizing his clients’ finances for both country of residence and U.S. tax and regulatory environments. Scott believes in the value created by developing long-term planning relationships with his clients. Scott currently lives in the Dallas area with his wife, and their 1-year-old and 6-year-old sons.

Ricardo Jesus

Ricardo, a native of the breathtaking Algarve in Portugal, made his mark in the US through competitive tennis, securing full academic and sports scholarships that paved the way for his American education. Graduating from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and later earning an MBA from the University of Tulsa, Ricardo found his stride in the finance world.

Now living in the Algarve, Ricardo specializes in financial strategies for clients in Portugal. His expertise covers financial and tax planning, alongside smart investment management. With a knack for simplifying the complexities of global financial planning, Ricardo builds strong client connections based on trust and personalized financial advice, ensuring his clients’ financial goals hit the mark.