We guide Americans through the financial complexities associated with a global lifestyle.

What We Do

Chase Buchanan USA provides holistic financial planning and investment management for US citizens or green card holders moving to or living in Europe. We focus on helping Americans in four main jurisdictions:

Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy.

Retirement planning

TAX optimization

Investment management


Building a plan for your life abroad

We provide our clients with proactive, concrete, and actionable advice that is grounded in our financial planning process. We build a financial profile of each of our clients and incorporate their goals around retirement, travel, college expenses, healthcare, long-term care, and charitable giving.

We help you collect and structure your financial information.

We ensure you have an all-in-one view for your financial life.

We simplify your planning with little complexity.

A Portfolio built for you

We understand that investing while living abroad is a much different exercise, involving different principles, than investing while still in the US. Our investment portfolios take into account your financial planning goals, risk tolerance, and the tax considerations between both the US and your current tax jurisdiction. Our team has the ability to bespoke each of our investment portfolios to align with the best tax and investment outcomes for your jurisdiction and circumstances. 

Individual stock portfolios

Government bonds

Private investments

An American woman smiles while talking to her cross-border financial advisor in Europe.

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